In addition to the following precautions,please refer to the option or the swap or future demo to verify whether the signature is successful. Please check your own signature code after demo verification is successful.The coin margined swap code demo is here. The future code demo is here.The option code demo is here. If it is a websocket subscription, you need to provide the address of the subscription, the topic of the subscription, and the original complete log pushed by the server. The snapshot orderbook subscription(market.$contract_code.depth.$type) is checked once every 100MS.If there is an update,it will be pushed.

Depth.size_150.high_freq channel instead when collecting data and which natively provides incremental order book updates without workarounds described above. In SDK v1, the client is categorized as two protocol, request client and subscription client. For example, for Rest API, you can operate everything in request client.

huobi order api

With the automated crypto trading bot of Cryptohopper you can earn money on your favorite exchange automatically. Auto buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Huobi API has major limitations which makes it practically impossible to sync all trades for all different trading pairs at the moment. We are currently in discussion with Huobi about this and we hope that they will fix this on their end in the near future. Simultaneously, the application will establish a connection to a trading session and will perform full cycle recovery operations — get a list of open orders and get available balances. API users should evaluate the business impact caused by the new endpoint introduced, further to make relevant change in client’s application, if needed. ()); //List trading pairs and get the trading limit, price, and more information of different trading pairs.

Websocket Interface For System Status Updates

API Explorer allows user to invoke and observe each API request and response without writing any program. The UI is designed as the same as document, which has input parameters and response description, user can use it easily without any additional user guide. The overall access rate, from all API keys under same UID, to single endpoint, shouldn’t exceed the rate limit applied on that endpoint.

  • Parent user and sub user search for all existed withdraws and deposits and return their latest status.
  • Bid price and ask price are not updated in real time, there will be some delay .
  • API access is subject to limits and n this section we will describe each limit.
  • It will return “too many connection” when the limit is exceeded.
  • Our book management rules are based on widely used principles from traditional finance — a combination of NEW, UPDATE, and DELETE events.

If you miss this step, Koinly can’t identify when you’re moving funds between your own wallets, which is tax free. Instead, it’ll identify these as deposits or withdrawals, which are subject to tax.

Data Compression

When the symbol is USDT, the return parameter only presents the transfer permission of USDT asset, and the permission for opening/closing positions or cancelling orders could be ignored. When clients choose merged depth data, WebSocket server will only display the merged price within price steps in order book. Please note that the merged depth price will not make any change on the actual order price.

Instead of sending a full book XTRD takes an approach to optimize data flow by sending only the parts that actually have been changed — e.g. trades, new price levels added or removed, size updates. In order to provide better service for API users to query historical orders, Huobi Global launched a new REST endpoint – “GET /v1/order/history” . The new endpoint supports users to query historical order created in recent 48 hours. Clients can create Access Key and Secret Key on Huobi which Access Key is the API access key kept by the client. To apply/change API key, please go to “Account-API Management” on Huobi Option. If all input parameters are not filled, query all contracts info under the USDT trading zone by default.

Response Parameters

The query window can be within the last 180 days, which means, by adjusting “startTime” & “endTime” accordingly, the records in last 180 days are queriable. This endpoint returns the amount changes of specified user’s account.

Crypto Exchange Huobi Announces to Leave China This Month – The Mobile Indian – The Mobile Indian

Crypto Exchange Huobi Announces to Leave China This Month – The Mobile Indian.

Posted: Fri, 10 Dec 2021 04:10:48 GMT [source]

Query history orders interface can only query the API order cancellation information within the last 2 hours. This interface only supports users to query data for the last 90 days. Only return data for activated contract sub-account (i.e. sub-accounts that have gained contract trading permission). When enable the transaction authority on the sub-account for the first time, deemed to agree to access the contract market. When the “settlement_type” is “delivery”, the “estimated_settlement_price” will be calculated and updated from 10 minutes before settlement and until the delivery. In the other moment, “estimated_settlement_price” is empty, but the other fields will be displayed normally.

Please refer to the “websocket Heartbeat and Authentication Interface” . 5、 Added websocket subscription of funding rate.It will be pushed once the funding rate is updated. 2、The authentication path of the websocket subscription of order and user data is changed from ‘/notification’ to ‘/swap-notification’. The receipt of transactId doesn’t implicate the success of redemption.

If the data source is providing the maximum resoluiont of the order book on level 2 then this data type will fallback to the Level 2, in that case the Order ID’s will be null or not provided. You should treat Order without Id as Level 2 aggregated entry in the price queue. If exchange has not reported who the aggressor side of the transaction was, then we will classify who it most probably was based on current market view. Hello message can be repeated, each one will cause subscription scope override without interruption of your WebSocket connection.

Websocket Subscription Address

Only those endpoints marked with rate limit value separately are applied with new rate limit rule. It is suggested to connect to domain if your server is based on AWS, because this domain is optimized for AWS client, the latency will be lower. Only those endpoints marked with rate limit value and a bracketed ‘NEW’ are applied with new rate limit rule. The trading symbols are consist of base currency and quote currency. Take the symbol BTC/USDT as an example, BTC is the base currency, and USDT is the quote currency. TagNameDescription262MDReqIdMDReqId from Market Data Request message.281MDReqRejReasonReason for the rejection of a Market Data request.

4) While there is nothing change between two snapshots in past 100ms, the 150 levels incremental MBP feed still sends out a message which contains two blank objects – bids & asks. Then, you will received messages when there is any update in the subcribed topics. Returning “repayId” doesn’t mean the repayment is 100% successful. Please check the transaction record to confirm the repayment status. Before a conditional order triggering, it can be queried out through this endpoint instead of any endpoint in “Trading” section. • User has to make sure the corresponding account has sufficient fund for triggering this conditional order, otherwise it would cause conditional order triggering failure. If the order price is greater than the highest buy price in the market, the order will be accepted.

Query Contract Financial Record Interface:

Take the request character string formed in the last step and API Secret Key as two parameters, encoding them with the Hash Function HmacSHA256 to get corresponding Hash value. 16、Added four kinds of transfer statements between master account and sub-accounts in returning financial record interface. 5、The interface supports query of 4-hour order cancellation data (previously only support to query 24-hour data).

Before you use API, you need to login the website to create API Key with proper permissions. The API key is shared for all instruments in Huobi including spot, futures, sharepoint swap, options. If exchange has not reported who the aggressor side of the transaction was, we will classify who it most probably was based on current market view.

CH needs ALL settings except for withdrawal to trade correctly. Give your API key a nice memorable name such as “Cryptohopper API key”. Go to the exchange website, and create an account if you haven’t already. Creating an API key is important, see it as a bridge between you and the exchange. Cryptohopper needs this bridge in order to do all the automated things you love such as, placing automated orders and reading your balance to do all sorts of calculations with. This does not give us access to your private keys nor the ability to move your funds. As you can see, it’s relatively easy to build a simple trading application for Huobi using the XTRD FIX API. When properly designed, it will work clockwise, without stops for sleep or rest.

There are order limit and position for post-only orders which the upper limit is 500,000 for open/close orders. As long as the user has had funds, there will be settlement records. crypto exchange connectors development If the user queried has no settlement record, no data will be returned. Query users’ settlement records with settlement start time behind the start_time but before the end_time.

huobi order api

Depending on the usage context, the server will return a current position snapshot and/or will continue to notify you in real-time if position size changes in case of trade, withdrawal or deposit. If there are symbols in the settlement or delivery period,error code 1080(1080 In settlement or delivery. Unable to get positions of some contracts. ) will return without request parameters. It’s suggested to query the position info with request parameters to avoid raising the error code and not being able to query the position. If the above four types of status code appear, the returned data is not accurate and couldn’t be used as reference. The coin margined swap, future, option swap and USDT margined swap limit the rate separately. Please check the ratelimit in the api ratelimit instructions, and you can print the current ratelimit in the header of the API response to check whether the ratelimit is exceeded. It is recommended to increase the request interval delay to avoid exceeding the ratelimit.

Returning Parameter:

Please note that Huobi Coin Margined Swap API document will only focus on data illustration in non-fixed format. All response data from WebSocket server are compressed into GZIP format. 40 subscriptions at most can be sent in one second in websocket connections. Transferring margin between Spot account and Coin Margined Swap account Interface, sets 8 decimal places for transferring amount of all coins.

3、Whenever account balance or available balance changed, it will be updated together. The limitation of requests from single IP is 100 per second. It will return “too many request” when the limitation is exceeded. It will return “too many connection” when the limit is exceeded. Unlike Market WebSocket, the return data of Account and Order Websocket are not compressed by GZIP. This topic sends the latest market stats with 24h summary. It updates in snapshot mode, in frequency of no more than 10 times per second.